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Snail Farm

Turkey's first snail farm

Helixturca is the first and only snail farm in Turkey.

Our farm is located in Izmir, the home of the Helix Aspersa family.

With an annual capacity of 65 tons, we produce with our Helix Aspersa Muller snails, the rootstocks of which we acquired from a farm in Europe, on a 12.000 m2 plot of land, far from the city, in an environment with pure and clean air and acceptable climatic conditions.

In our 250 m2 hatchery, we are capable of producing 15 million eggs and 8 million baby snails per year.

For anyone interested in starting a snail farm, we offer training and consultation services, as well as eggs and rootstock snails.



Snail caviar is a type of caviar that consists of fresh or processed eggs of land snails. In their natural state, the eggs are colourless.

After processing, the caviar may be cream-coloured, pinkish-white, or white, with the eggs generally 3–4 mm in diameter. is a new and exciting ingredient that is gaining popularity in modern gastronomy. It’s has a singular pure white, rain drop, grassy kind of taste that adds a touch of luxury to infinite choices of appetizer dishes…

We can produce snail cavier upon request.



The Story of HelixTurca