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Slide The Lost Formula of Youth View products Helixturca Slide H Helixturca Only Nature Renews You While Helix purifies your skin from blemishes with its renewed formula, it also helps your skin breathe and get a brighter appearance. Get ready to be renewed with Helixturca. You will be very satisfied after using it. Look healthier and younger with glowing skin. Slide Helixturca GET READY FOR CHANGE WITH HELİXTURCA Helix's updated formula cleans your skin's blemishes while also allowing your skin to breathe and appear brighter.
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At first, I was very hesitant to buy, but after using the product, all my prejudices were broken. Helix Turca has become an indispensable product for me.

Ebru B.

Müşteri Yorumları

After using Helix Turca products, I decided not to use any other product, my skin became incredibly younger.

Begüm D.

Müşteri Yorumları

I was very satisfied with the product I bought on the recommendation of my friends, I recommend it to everyone.

Aylin M.


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What are we doing?

We established the world's first snail farm in Izmir, Turkey's hatchery city and the ancestral homeland of the Helix family. We can engage in healthy farming away from the metropolis thanks to our location, which has clean air and ideal climatic conditions.

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We created Turkey's first actual snail cream using snail extract acquired through natural techniques from Helix Aspersa Muller snails that we imported from a European farm via rootstocks. The Helix Aspersa Muller snail is a genus of snails noted for producing the highest quality cosmetic extract. Our snails are fed on human food and do not contain germs, viruses, molds, or fungi dangerous to human health, unlike snails obtained from nature. They are grown in a sanitary environment and under veterinarian control, away from harmful wastes in nature.

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